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Sustainability Initiatives

Promotion of Investment in Real Estate Equipped with Solar Power System

- Roal Parks Wakabadai

Roal Parks Wakabadai

In 2014, DHR acquired Roya Parks Wakabadai developed by Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd., where space is rented out for installation of solar power system.

- D Project Kuki I

Urban Living Inage

DHR concluded an installation contract of solar power system in 2014, achieving use of clean energy and improved profitability by receiving annual rental fees.

Installation of LED Lightings in Portfolio Properties

DHR has installed LED lightings in common area of its residential and retail properties and reduced electric power consumption.

Properties Certified with DBJ Green Building Certification *

DHR has received DBJ Green Building Certification from Development Bank of Japan (DBJ) for the following properties.

- D Project Hachioji

D Project Hachioji

Press release

Oct. 18, 2013
Notice Concerning Acquisition of DBJ Green Building Certification PDF(338.7KB)

- Pacific Royal Court Minatomirai Urban Tower

Pacific Royal Court Minatomirai Urban Tower

Press release

June 24, 2015
DHI Receives DBJ Green Building Certification for its Residential PropertyPDF(338.7KB)
* DBJ Green Building Certification is designed to promote real estate properties that demonstrate environmentally friendly building features, security measures, disaster prevention measures and take into account societal demands from various stakeholders surrounding the properties. Properties with excellence that meet the demands of the times are selected based on a scoring model developed by DBJ.
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